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GEPARD - Gepard-Enabled PARticle Detection for Raman microscopes.
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Copyright (C) 2018  Lars Bittrich and Josef Brandt, Leibniz-Institut für 
Polymerforschung Dresden e. V. <> 


* python 3.6, PyQt5, OpenCV 3.4.1, numpy 1.14, scikit-image 0.13.1, scipy 1.1.0,
  win32com, pythoncom, cython 0.28
* we advise the use of Anaconda (python 3.6):
  this package contains most of the python libraries
  however, opencv and scikit-image are missing
  start anaconda prompt and install opencv:
  pip install opencv-python
  conda install scikit-image

* we recommend working with a 64bit OS and also a python interpreter compiled 
  for 64bit as many use cases require a lot of memory (16 GB better 32 GB 
* the tsp module in external can be built with
25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41
  please note: for this step a valid compiler needs to be installed in the 
  system; Otherwise use the precompiled tsp-module
If you plan on using the WITec Raman interface to control your device, please
note: You use this interface at your OWN RISK! Make sure, that no obstacles
block the objective and that you UNDERSTAND and VALIDATE the code, that controls
the microscope! Start with "", which should read and move within
small margins.
At the moment the program is an executable python script. Copy the folder with 
all its content to some place and run (e.g. using anaconda prompt):

It is possible to create a windows link file, that executes python with the
gepard script as an argument and the working directory pointing to the folder
containing gepard for convenience.