Commit 8ffa6b58 authored by Josef Brandt's avatar Josef Brandt

Removal of not functional FTIR Scan parameters

...until I find a way of making them work...
parent 457d2c71
......@@ -81,9 +81,7 @@ def groupApertures(apertures: List['FTIRAperture'], binMargin: float = 0.02) ->
class FTIRCom(InstrumentComBase):
simulatedInterface = False
specScanParameters = [SpecScanParameter('Integration Time (s)', TypeScanParam.INTEGRATION_TIME),
SpecScanParameter('Number of Scans', TypeScanParam.NUM_ACCUMULATIONS),
SpecScanParameter('Spectra Batch Size', TypeScanParam.SPECTRA_BATCH_SIZE)]
specScanParameters = [SpecScanParameter('Spectra Batch Size', TypeScanParam.SPECTRA_BATCH_SIZE)]
instrType = InstrumentType.FTIR
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